Lodoe Lama

Lodoe Lama

RNA Biochemist

Short Bio: Lodoe Lama is from the sky-high country of Nepal. Lodoe’s path from Nepal to The Rockefeller University, where he now conducts research with Dr. Thomas Tuschl, involved undergraduate work first in India and then at Queens College in NYC. These studies led him to The City College of New York where he earned a Master’s degree in Biochemistry. Lodoe moved from there to the CUNY Graduate Center Biochemistry Ph.D. program and joined the Ryan lab to do research in the transcription of small RNA by RNA Polymerase III. In the Ryan lab, Lodoe transformed himself into a creative, hard-working RNA Biochemist. Initially hesitant that his stellar grades would not translate into stellar bench skills, Lodoe soon demonstrated enviable RNA lab technique and carefully planned experiments. Lodoe is too humble ever to ask, “What’s so hard about working with RNA?” but he would be justified in asking just that question. Lodoe has since showed his biochemistry versatility by branching out into the related nucleic acids area of small molecule drug development targeting the innate immune response.


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